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About Chichi jima, Ogasawara

Chichi jima is an oceanic island of Ogasawara Islands. It locates about 1,000 km away from Tokyo. You can reach Chichi jima only by a ferry, Ogasawara Maru. The ferry is operated weekly from Takesiba Tokyo, and it is 24 hours ride to the island.

Ogasawara Tips

Ogasawara islands are oceanic islands, never connected mainland of Japan nor any others. You find rare animals and plants which have evolved in unique ways. You can also see a lots of marine species with tours; diving, dolphin swimming, and whale watching. You will have unforgettable time.

About Bamboo-Inn

Bamboo-Inn locates the most convenient place in Chichi-Jima. We welcome all of you even we speak little English. We do our best to make your stay enjoyable .

About Guest Rooms

We have 4 twin rooms and 1 single room.
All rooms contain kitchen, shower and toilet. We also have laundry room for guest. Only single room is smoking.
Free wifi is available at all rooms.


Bamboo-Inn is just 4 minutes walk from ferry terminal. We will come for you to the terminal.

Auberge Sato / オーベルジュサトウ

Italian Restaurant, just next to our Inn. You can have local sea turtle.

Fuku-chan / ふくちゃん

Yaki-tori (Grilled chicken) bar, 1 min walk. They also serve various tasty sea foods.


Terrace cafe, the other side of our Inn. It is nice to relax outside with beautiful weather.

CREYON / クレヨン

Restaurant/Bar, 1 min walk from our Inn. Delicious foods and drinks, open till midnight.

Seikyo (BITC)
Daily needs and foods. Open from 7 am.
Koiwai Shouten
Fresh fishes and vegetables. Open from 8 am.
Shop Maruhi
Souvenir shop, you can also buy stationaries.
Asahi Pharmacy
Not only medical items but also souvenirs and swim suits. Open from 8 am.

Price List

Sleep Over
10,450JPY(Single use)
High Season
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